Still Easing the Pain in the Big Easy

Toyota Builds on Partnership with St. Bernard Project in Disaster Recovery Effort
by Mark Wasserman
Sept/Oct 2015
Still Easing the Pain in the Big Easy
St. Bernard Project volunteers use the Toyota Production System to rebuild homes in about half the time and cost.
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This year marked the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the disaster that left thousands of people homeless in New Orleans. One bright light has been the work of St. Bernard Project (SBP), a nonprofit of 100,000 volunteers that helps low-to moderate-income families rebuild homes. SBP has rebuilt more homes post-Katrina than any other nonprofit to date.

Toyota continues to build on its longstanding relationship with SBP. Yes, there’s the $5 million fund to assist the organization’s national disaster recovery efforts. But for more than four years now, company employees have shared the automaker’s manufacturing expertise by training SBP members in the Toyota Production System (TPS), which makes organizations become more effective, maximizes resources and improves quality and safety.  

After implementing TPS, the nonprofit cut the time and cost to rebuild a house in half.
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