Bobby Rahal Toyota

Love at First Sight
by Dan Nied
Jan/Feb 2016
Bobby Rahal Toyota
Practically Sold Itself
The color and styling of the new Scion iA got their attention, but the loads of standard premium features—like the rear-view backup camera, GPS navigation and safety systems—sealed the deal for Ken and Megan Diller.
A funny thing happened when Ken and Megan Diller went shopping for a Corolla at Bobby Rahal Toyota in Mechanicsburg, Penn.

They saw the Scion iA.

As sales consultant Nick Fox went over the finer points of a Corolla, Scion Ambassador Brian Buehler happened to drive the store’s first iA around to the front. The Sapphire Blue compact sedan had just come off of the transporter and it caught Megan’s eye.

“I thought ‘Wow, that thing looks awesome,’” Megan says. “I wanted a fun color and the bright blue color and the sporty look got me instantly.”

Within an hour of Buehler removing the car’s plastic wrap, the young couple—both 20-something teachers—had a lease on their new iA.

“It’s such an affordable car,” Ken says. “But it has luxury features like the low-speed collision system, which I didn’t think entry-level cars ever had. (He’s right, they rarely do.) It has GPS navigation, Bluetooth, two USB ports, and so many features you wouldn’t expect in a $17,000 car.”

The iA and its hatchback cousin iM are revitalizing the Scion brand. And the Dillers’ reaction is proof.

“Now Scion’s got these two vehicles we can show people who are looking for a Corolla,” says Fox. “The Camrys and Corollas were OK for the Dillers, but maybe not exactly their dream car. Then Brian pulled around the iA and they were completely blown away that they could get that car for that money.”

A few weeks after driving their iA, the Dillers couldn’t be happier. Ken—all 6-foot-5 of him—is astonished that he actually had to move the seats up when he got in. Megan, the iA’s primary driver, loves the gas mileage and the clarity of the Bluetooth.

“It’s fantastic,” she says. “The fuel economy is awesome and it rides really smooth. This is the car for us.”
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