Lithia Toyota of Springfield

Dizzy Dean’s Prius c Adventure
by Dan Nied
March/April 2016
Lithia Toyota of Springfield
Dizzy’s Delight
With its fun-filled Prius c, Dizzy Dean’s Donuts has doubled delivery orders and cultivated a greener image around Eugene, Ore.
Dean Weaver isn’t afraid to take risks.

That’s how his donut shop–Dizzy Dean’s Donuts—created customer favorites such as bacon maple bars and mango jelly donuts.

And when Weaver decided to focus on perfecting the delivery aspect of the business, he took a chance with a quirky, gas-sipping car. As a result, deliveries have doubled. 

“We used to average about 10 or 11 deliveries a day,” says Weaver. “Now we’re up to about 22 per day since we’ve gotten the car.”

“The car” is the 2015 Prius c Weaver bought for his Eugene, Ore., business in late 2015. Eugene, of course, is home to the University of Oregon. The Prius c, of course, averages more than 50 miles per gallon.

“I credit the car a lot for the image we’ve portrayed and the growth of the delivery,” he says. “It’s a snazzy car, and I think people like the look of it. And they love that we’re being eco-friendly.”

In December 2015, Weaver walked into Lithia Toyota in Springfield and met with sales consultant Ronnie Goertzen, who showed Weaver a Yaris, and then suggested the Prius c.

It helped that Goertzen understood the economic challenges of the food service industry. Before coming to the dealership in 2014, Goertzen was the general manager of a local restaurant.

“Margins are very tight,” Goertzen says. “You’re under immense pressure because there’s really no room for mistakes.”

Goertzen’s efforts made an impression on Weaver.

“He knew his stuff, which I was very pleased about,” the customer says. “And that made buying a lot easier because he had all the information I wanted.”

And the car itself is a hit for Weaver and his five delivery drivers.

“I’m amazed at how much room we have,” he says. “My employees also love the heated seats. There are so many advantages that you don’t think about.”

Weaver says he’s added about 60 payroll hours per week to keep up with the increased delivery demand.

All this success has him thinking about expanding the delivery fleet.

“If things keep growing the way they are,” Weaver says, “we’ll add another Prius c soon.”
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