Metro Toyota

Fathers and Sons
by Karen Nielsen
July/August 2016
Metro Toyota
A Family Affair
Pictured from right to left: Barry Greenfield sold Dr. Jack Wilber a Land Cruiser in 1990 (which has since been replaced by other Toyota vehicles including an FJ Cruiser). Now, 26 years later, Barry Jr. sold Jack Jr. a Tacoma.
When Dr. Jack Wilber bought a Land Cruiser from Metro Toyota in 1990, he was just starting his medical career and his wife was pregnant with their son, Jack Jr. The young sales consultant, Barry Greenfield, was just starting his career in the car business. Coincidentally Greenfield and his wife were also expecting a son and planning to name him Barry Jr.
Neither of them ever anticipated that—26 years later—their sons would follow in their footsteps. You see, Jack Jr. recently bought his first car from Barry Jr.
Dr. Wilber, now professor and chairman of orthopedics at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, and his family have bought at least 10 vehicles from Barry Sr., who is now general sales manager at Metro Toyota in Brook Park, Ohio.
Wilber is a go-to source for medical advice and has operated on the elder Greenfield and his son. Greenfield Sr. is everything automotive for the Wilber family.
“Mr. Greenfield handles cars for my dad, and my dad handles healthcare for Mr. Greenfield,” jokes Jack Jr.
And the boys? Well, they became good friends through the years. So it’s no surprise that Jack Jr. has been driving Toyota vehicles since he started driving. But when it came time for the young man to buy his own vehicle—a 2015 Tacoma—he knew just the person.
“I wanted to buy my truck from Barry (Jr.),” he says. “It’s a great experience whenever we go there. They make everything really easy for us. And knowing that our dads did the same thing years ago makes it kind of special.”

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