Prestige Toyota of Ramsey

Social Media Warriors Take a Different Approach to Customer Appreciation
by Kaitlin Pennell
Sept/Oct 2016
Prestige Toyota of Ramsey
Super Mom of Jersey
Kate Kezmarsky was awarded “Mom of the Year” by Prestige Toyota’s social media campaign. From heading the Mahwah Schools Foundation to coaching her daughters’ soccer team year-round, mother of three Kezmarsky stays involved in not only her family’s lives, but also the community of Ramsey, N.J. 
Social media has undeniably been integrated into seemingly every aspect of our lives. From posting vacation pictures on Facebook, to uploading our tasty yet redundant brunches from the artsy local café on Instagram, we’re all hooked.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t use these platforms for doing good things, too.

Prestige Toyota, in Ramsey, N.J., is setting the standard for customer and community involvement through the use of social media. At its grand re-opening in May, it crowned Kate Kezmarsky “Mom of the Year,” which was decided through surveys and polls linked to the dealership’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Kezmarsky, who is well-known by employees of the dealership and community members for her kindness and public servitude, was nominated via all three platforms by more than 30 percent of participants.

Being able to include customers and the community on this special occasion gives the dealership and its employees a “human factor,” says Naomi Fotovich, business development manager at Prestige Toyota.

“This was the first step to let everyone in our neighborhood know we’re here, we’re human and we want to participate in our community,” she adds. “We always talk about being the best in town, but that goes farther than just being the No. 1 dealer for car sales.”

Using these platforms to connect with the dealership’s customer base has been a priority for Prestige Toyota, especially with the influx of millennial employees and customers; millennials account for the most activity on social media sites when compared to other generations, which lends itself for new marketing approaches.

“We have a great marketing team, and we have a lot of younger people working for us,” she says. “Because we have people in our marketing team that recognize the importance of social media, they’ve really given us the opportunity to communicate to our customer base. Being active with social media is something that we know is crucial.”

Not only are customers feeling more appreciated, they keep coming back.

When Fotovich first joined the Prestige Toyota team, retention was at 32 percent. Now, just six months later, retention has rocketed to 52 percent. She credits the 20-percent jump to building customer-dealer relationships, both online and in the showroom.

“We’ve come leaps and bounds in just six months,” Fotovich says. “We’ve conveyed the message to the customer that we’re here to help you, we’re here to answer questions and that this is a client-care department, not just a person that sells you a car."
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