Wills Toyota

Customer Still Feels the Love
by Dan Nied
Jan/Feb 2016
Wills Toyota
Prius Appreciation
When Rich Carlson’s Prius hit 250,000 miles, Wills Toyota congratulated their loyal customer with an ad in the local newspaper and complimentary maintenance through the car’s 300,000th mile.
Sometimes, a customer just keeps coming around.

From the initial purchase to regular service visits, some customers just become, well, a part of your dealership family.

And that’s how Rich Carlson became part of the Wills Toyota family in Twin Falls, Idaho.

It’s been 10 years since Carlson drove off the dealership lot in his 2005 Prius. But in that decade, Carlson has consistently returned to make sure his baby is running smoothly.

“Rich has come in for 62 service visits,” says Dealer Principal Greg Wills. “He’s been really meticulous in caring for that car.”

Over time, Carlson and the staff at Wills Toyota became friendly. So when Carlson’s Prius hit 250,000 miles, the dealer wanted to do something special.

Wills took out an ad in the local paper, congratulating Carlson on his Prius milestone.

But the big surprise? Wills Toyota is giving Carlson free maintenance until his Prius hits 300,000 miles for being such a loyal customer.

But the Prius likely won’t need too much service in that time.

“It’s got no major repairs,” Wills says while looking over Carlson’s repair orders. “It still has the original hybrid battery. It looks like he had an alignment not long ago. Hmm, lube/oil filter, lube oil/filter, lube/oil filter. I don’t see anything major.”

And no, Carlson hasn’t been a prolific customer as far as sales—the only other car he’s bought from the dealership was a pre-owned 2003 Highlander. But he’s great for business.

“Rich talks up the Prius so much to anyone who comes in,” Wills says. “He basically advertises for us because he’s such a great ambassador. He’s enamored with that Prius. He thinks it’s fabulous, and he gets the word out.”
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