A Watershed Moment

by Charles Pannunzio
Nov/Dec 2015
A Watershed Moment
Cleanup Crew
Toyota of El Cajon employees and their families were among the Padres Volunteer Team members who helped pick up trash in the San Diego River watershed.
San Diego, Calif., is renowned for its beaches, mountains and grasslands. It also happens to be the most biologically rich county in the continental United States, home to the golden eagle, mountain lion, and fairy shrimp.
The area’s watershed, which includes reservoirs, wetlands, and tide pools, is a crucial part of the ecosystem. That’s why Toyota of El Cajon employees joined forces with the Padres Volunteer Team and the San Diego River Park Foundation in collecting debris in the Forester Creek area in Santee. The effort was part of a cleanup that targeted 20 sites in the San Diego River watershed, with a goal of collecting 3,605 pounds of refuse.

Toyota of El Cajon President Greg Kaminsky recognized that collaboration could make a big difference, “We are so proud to join the San Diego River Park Foundation and support the great work that they do,” he says.

This is not the first time Toyota of El Cajon has worked with the foundation. Since August 2014 the two have partnered on a project in which one tree was planted for each car sold at the dealership. Through the first 10 months, the dealership has given the foundation funds to plant more than 6,000 trees in the 1,700-acre watershed.
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