California Dealer Finds Success and Savings with Artificial Intelligence

Toyota of San Bernarndino’s Cliff Cummings knew there had to be a smarter, more efficient way to spend digital marketing dollars. He found it with an artificial intelligence platform.
Cliff Cummings has been a vital player in the Toyota sales business for more than 40 years. As dealer principal of Toyota of San Bernardino, his sharp business acumen has earned the respect of colleagues and competitors alike.

Even so – true to the Toyota Way – he’s always looking for kaizens to save time and money.
He recently found one, in SQREEM TECHNOLOGIES.
SQREEM TECHNOLOGIES is an artificial intelligence company that digitizes and automates a number of industries. In Cummings’s case, it was digital advertising. He partnered with KID, a division of KMG which is a company that specializes in marketing for auto dealerships, for the service.
“I consider myself kind of a lab rat guy,” says Cummings. “I always tell people, ‘If you want to try something, we’ll take a shot at it.’ I was approached about this program from several different directions, and I thought it was interesting. So, we tried it.” 
And what does “it” really do?
The platform provides precisely targeted ads to potential customers within a geographic boundary, or “geofence.” Anytime a mobile device enters that boundary, the potential customer may receive advertising for SQREEM’s client – in this case, Toyota of San Bernardino.
But it goes even further.
SQREEM can also provide real-time data and analytics, too.
“We found it very beneficial in our geo-fencing area for delivering very specific messages to targeted demographics,” says Cummings. “We were just trying to do our primary marketing area for San Bernardino. My sense, after being in this business for 44 years, is that this is working very well.”
Cummings thinks the benefits could have wide appeal throughout the Toyota dealer network, and even at the corporate level.
“What’s the upshot?” he asks. “If you look at it from the mothership’s eyes, they’re concerned with how impactful anything is to our primary marketing areas. That’s where we sell service and parts, pre-owned cars, new cars and trucks. We’re all trying to penetrate that market with the best messaging possible, to increase the odds that someone near you will come into your dealership.”
As the dealership uses data and artificial intelligence to better target customers, there are potential cost savings as well.
Cummings seems convinced.
“We’ve already seen the benefits on a micro scale,” he says. “Now we’re trying it on a macro scale. And this is just automobile sales. Imagine what else is possible with this kind of technology. It could be game-changing.”

If you're interested in learning more about the platform, contact Toyota of San Bernardino.
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