Dealer Doings: Accessory Dividends Program Helps Spread the Love

by Dan Miller
May/June 2015
Rich Abajian loves to talk about vehicle accessories—and love. After all, as the general manager of Findlay Toyota sees it, accessories are the transactional equivalent of an aphrodisiac.

“Accessories make the vehicle look sportier and more eye appealing, which makes the customer more emotional,” says Abajian from the Henderson, Nev., dealership. “Emotional customers are much more likely to become buyers. Everything goes better when it’s love at first sight.”

Thanks to Toyota’s new Accessory Dividend program, like-minded dealers have been spreading a lot more love lately. Launched at select dealers nationwide in April 2014, the program offers incentives to dealers that achieve certain sales levels for select port-installed accessory packages. Examples include a protection package for passenger vehicles, a cargo management package for SUVs and an exterior package for pickups.

And it’s working. Sales related to those packages are up 30 percent since the incentives went into effect, according to Harry Emery, development administrator in Toyota Motor Sales’ Accessory Sales and Marketing department.

Abajian believes the program’s impact is even bigger than that.

“Customers see another car with accessories and they want them on their car, too. So it’s stimulating in-dealer accessory sales in addition to the port-installed items,” he says. “The program has really increased our awareness of the available packages and ignited a flame to sell more.

“Customers are going to personalize their cars one way or another,” he adds. “We should be doing everything we can to get them what they love.”
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