First Look: Becoming Highlander

What happens between a car’s reveal and its on sale date? A new docuseries will answer that question. 
by Dan Nied and Kirsten Orsborn
Jan/Feb 2020

It seems like each year, Toyota reveals a new vehicle at an auto show, and then we have to wait nine months to a year before we see that car on our dealer lots.
So that begs the question: What are we doing for those nine months?
And that question inspired an idea. With the 2020 Highlander being revealed at last year’s New York Auto Show in April, but not going on sale until December and January, why not make a docuseries about how Toyota actually brought this car to market?
So, we went and hired a camera crew. And then we became very annoying to a lot people.
We went to our friends in marketing and asked them how they create a Highlander commercial for the biggest football game in the world.
And we went to Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana and asked them how they train thousands of team members to build the 2020 Highlander.
And then we went to our dealers, and asked them how they’ll sell the 2020 Highlander to our customers.
The end result is Becoming Highlander, which we’ll release all at once later this spring as an informative, entertaining and ambitious docuseries.
But today, we want to show you a sneak preview. Watch the trailer above. And check out some stills below.
This is Becoming Highlander.



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