Get to Know: Cydney McMillon

Meet the Chicago Region team member helping Toyota dealers in an IT pinch
by Kristen Orsborn
July/August 2019
Cydney McMillon loves pink. It’s the first thing you notice when you see her desk.

She also loves computers and technology — so much so, she’s made a successful career out of it. McMillon, who is based in the Chicago area, helps Lexus and Toyota dealers troubleshoot IT issues with the Dealer Daily app. Learn more about how she got started in the industry and the big thing keeping her busy outside of work.

Toyota Today: Cydney, your job sounds really interesting. But also, really busy. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do?

McMillon: As part of my role, I travel regionally to train, support and troubleshoot on the Dealer Daily application. I do visit both Toyota and Lexus stores, which is unique for a field traveler role. I have about 50 dealerships I visit.

TT: Can you explain what the Dealer Daily application is?

McMillon: It’s our vehicle communications system for Toyota and the dealerships. This is where they see their inventory, report their sales, check service history — things like that.

TT: How did you get involved in this kind of role?

McMillon: I’ve always had a passion for IT. All of my previous positions have been IT. My degrees are in information technology, so I’ve just always been a technology-driven person that loves to help others understand our systems. It doesn’t always come easily to everyone.

TT: Have you always been interested in computers?

McMillon: Yes, I was! I was that kid. I would always play with the little toy laptops. Then I got a real desktop…and I would just be at the computer all day.

TT: What else keeps you busy?

McMillon: I’m planning a wedding! So that’s what I’m doing with most of my time outside of work. It’s exciting.
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