Green’s Toyota of Lexington

Dealership Helps Parents of Quintuplets with New Sienna
by Susan Johnston Taylor
Nov/Dec 2018
Green’s Toyota of Lexington
Oh, Baby
After the Driskell family welcomed quintuplets, Green’s Toyota of Lexington helped them afford a new Sienna.
Photo by Ashley Childress of Sweetlilpics.
Earlier this year, when Josh McFarland heard that a local mother had recently given birth to quintuplets, McFarland — a father of three himself — couldn’t imagine caring for five babies.
“My wife told me how everyone in and around the community, all kinds of groups, were reaching out to help,” says the sales manager at Green’s Toyota in Lexington, Kentucky. “Then she suggested we try to get them a van or whatever can fit five car seats.”
It turns out the Sienna is one of only a few vehicles that can accommodate five car seats. McFarland reached out to the Driskell family and learned they were leasing a smaller vehicle that couldn’t fit their growing family.
So, the dealer helped the parents exit their lease early. With a down payment from Southland Christian Church, where friends of the family attend church, the Driskells drove home in a 2017 Sienna at a monthly payment they could afford.
The quintuplets — three girls and two boys — were born on May 2 and the family got their new Sienna over Labor Day weekend.
“We are able to all travel as a family now instead of taking two or three vehicles everywhere we go,” says new mom Briana Driskell. “That’s incredible.”
The dealership also is planning a “pack the Sienna party,” where they will host a community fundraiser and pack the Sienna with supplies.
“Josh is an incredible person and we appreciate it more than he’ll ever know,” Driskell says.
McFarland jokes: “I think we earned a customer for life — maybe seven of them.”
For now, the Driskells have their hands full, but fortunately, the children are healthy and thriving.
“We’re very blessed,” she says.
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