Le Mieux & Son

Roots Run Deep in Green Bay
Sept/Oct 2017
Le Mieux & Son
Wisconsin Trailblazers
Harold and Bob Le Mieux in 1974. Le Mieux Toyota was the first dealership to open in the state of Wisconsin in 1966.
Bob Le Mieux Sr. acquired his Toyota dealership in July 1966, with only five Toyota vehicles to sell for the year. It took him a year to sell them, but he was eager to take more product and become the first Toyota dealership in the state of Wisconsin.

Le Mieux still has the first Corona he sold in 1966 and has restored it to impeccable condition (you can find it on the showroom floor right next to a new 2018 Camry). He spends his time restoring Land Cruisers and a plethora of other vintage vehicles.

His son Bob Le Mieux II is found on the sales floor selling Tundras (by far his favorite vehicle) and has been helping customers in the Green Bay area find the perfect vehicle. He’s been selling cars since 1989 and is at the store every day pushing his team to deliver great service. 

New Arrivals
The first shipment of Toyotas arrived at Le Mieux in 1966.

Bob’s son Bob Le Mieux III now works in one of the Toyota Express Maintenance service bays, learning how to service Toyotas and eventually move up to repair and diagnose vehicles in the main repair shop.

Customers walking through the showroom can appreciate the old diner setting, designed by Bob Sr. himself, and named “Dea’s Diner” after his wife, who is the office manager.

Bob’s sister, Kristen, is the dealership’s controller and has learned everything she knows from her mother, Dea. The entire family is truly hands on with the store and each of them play an integral role in making Le Mieux & Son Toyota a gem in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, community. 
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