Peterson Toyota’s Long Run Creates Lasting Impression in Boise

by Dan Nied
July/August 2015
Peterson Toyota’s Long Run Creates Lasting Impression in Boise
Back in the Day
Peterson Automotive Group opened its doors in Boise in 1928. The Toyota store followed in 1965.
As World War I raged a century ago, L.G. Peterson was serving as a young Army mechanic learning everything he could about cars.

That turned out to be a blessing for future drivers in Idaho.

After leaving the Army, he opened Peterson Motor Company in Idaho Falls in 1923. In 1928, the dealership settled in Boise.

The company was primed and ready in 1965 when Toyota began opening dealerships in the Northwest. Peterson Toyota began when L.G.’s son, Marvin, decided to take a chance after seeing potential in the Japanese carmaker. That gamble paid off.

Years ago, when then-Dealer Principal Marvin Peterson cut the ribbon for the grand opening of a new location, Mark (right) was by his father’s side.

“Toyota has been the bread and butter of what we do,” says current Dealer Principal Mark Peterson (yep, Marvin’s son and L.G.’s grandson). “Toyota is just such a great company to work with. They’re like us in that they care about relationships. There’s a big difference  how they treat their dealers and it’s been a joy to work with Toyota.”

Peterson’s success has come on the back of old-fashioned family values and business morals. They’re proud to be a pillar of the Boise community.

A New Generation
Mark Peterson (center) and his sons Brady (left) and Nils (right) are keeping the family business alive and thriving.

“The relationship with the community is paramount, but it starts with the individual,” Mark Peterson says. “Taking care of each customer one at a time is probably the best way to really entrench yourself.”

Mark is just the latest Peterson to run the family business. His adult sons, Brady and Nils, are deeply involved and Marvin still comes in every day, even at 86 years old.

And since the beginning, every new customer has offered a chance to start a new long-term relationship.

“For the amount of cars we sell, it’s a pretty rare occasion to have someone we can’t satisfy,” Mark says. “It gives us a chance to prove we care about them.”
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