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Dealership Teams Up with Local Hospital to Help Keep Kids Safe
by Kerry Curry
July/August 2018
Price LeBlanc Toyota
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The Price LeBlanc Toyota team partnered with a local hospital and Buckle Up for Life to install car seats for children with special needs.
Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, had a $10,000 grant to provide car seats to children with special needs. It just needed a place to help families install them. That’s when the team at Price LeBlanc Toyota stepped in to help.
Buckle Up for Life, a child passenger safety initiative spearheaded by Toyota and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, awarded the grant.
“Children with special needs often have numerous medical appointments that require frequent travel in a vehicle,” says Ashley Fogle, a physical therapist and pediatric injury prevention coordinator at Our Lady of the Lake. “These children deserve the chance to be transported safely no matter their positioning needs or financial ability.”
Price LeBlanc Toyota General Manager Johnny DeArmond took the call and jumped at the opportunity to host the event. Fogle and DeArmond say it was the beginning of a continuing partnership.
“At each event, Price LeBlanc Toyota has provided dinner for the parents and children as well as for the child passenger safety technicians and therapists teaching the class,” Fogle says. “The staff at Price LeBlanc always makes our families feel welcome.”
Besides providing a meeting room and dinner, the dealership keeps the service shop open after hours so that parents and their children aren’t out in the elements if bad weather strikes.
The first event, held at the end of 2017, went so well that the dealership has since hosted more. Fogle says 18 seats have been installed at Price LeBlanc Toyota to date.
DeArmond hopes to do it again.
“I told them that I want to do all of these. We don’t want recognition. We just want to help,” he says. “Ms. Fogle is the one who deserves the credit. I just provide the facility and try to make it special for the people who come.”
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