Sullivan Brothers Toyota

Massachusetts Dealer Gives Fire Fighters a Hand with Charitable Efforts
by Dan Nied
Jan/Feb 2019
Sullivan Brothers Toyota
Happy Birthday, America!
One of the many causes Sullivan Brothers Toyota supports is the Plymouth July 4th 5K, which Keith Hardy (left), service advisor, and John Finlay, salesperson, enjoy quite a bit.
For Sullivan Brothers Toyota, it’s not so much that giving back to the community is good for business.

Though it is.

And it’s not so much that supporting the health and safety of hundreds of fire fighters, local and within the Boston fire fighting community, looks good to customers.

Though it does.

It’s that, to the Kingston, Massachusetts, dealership, community outreach is just the right thing to do.

“We love the community we serve,” says Dave Bellando, Sullivan’s fixed operations director who has been with the dealership since 1989. “So, reaching out is easy. We sell and provide service to the majority of the organizations we help support. And the people involved in them.”

This support includes the Plymouth July 4th 5K, which aids the local fireworks show, along with the Edaville Rail Run that offers scholarships to students who want to finish college.

Under the guidance of Dealer Principal John Sullivan, all dealership employees turn their attention to community service.

“Without the support of the team,” Sullivan says, “nothing happens.”
Earlier this year, Bellando was asked by the Last Call Foundation to run the Boston Marathon in the memory of late Boston fire fighter Michael Kennedy.

“The opportunity to run for the Last Call Foundation, Sullivan Brothers Toyota and my community was an amazing experience,” Bellando says. “I was so proud to be part of that.”

And, the dealership’s relationships with the fire fighting community go beyond running in races and monetary donations.

“We have conducted three hybrid safety events that have benefited over 100 different local firefighters,” Sullivan says. “When building our new dealership, we donated 10 new portable radios to the Kingston Fire Department to replace their outdated equipment, promoting a higher level of safety within a structure fire. All these efforts build a stronger internal bond for the team, and a stronger local community we support.”
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