Toyota of Portsmouth

Dealership Helps Underprivileged Children Get into Better Schools
by Toni Randle-Cook
Nov/Dec 2018
Toyota of Portsmouth
An Investment for the Future
Toyota of Portsmouth employees present a $17,900 check to the Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire.
Children in New Hampshire are now sitting in a classroom better suited for them and their learning needs, thanks in part to Toyota of Portsmouth.
The dealership proudly presented a $17,900 check to Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to underprivileged New Hampshire children who are struggling in their current public school. The money allows them to instead attend a private school, online school, homeschool or out-of-district public school.
Jim Boyle, president of Toyota of Portsmouth, says he and his team are very proud to support the mission of Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire and the state’s overall education mission.
“We are pleased to have the opportunity to join with Governor Chris Sununu in expanding education opportunities for New Hampshire children,” he said.
While families are responsible for a portion of the tuition, Kate Baker, executive director of Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire, says the scholarships provided through corporate donations offer substantial financial support.
“We are so grateful to Toyota of Portsmouth for expanding educational opportunities for New Hampshire’s low-income children,” Baker said. “Their investment offers families a hand, opening up the door to a brighter future for these children.”
This fall, Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire awarded scholarships to 281 children.
Toyota of Portsmouth also held a back-to-school contest in September. Customers sent in first day of school photos. Team members chose the best one and awarded the winner $100 worth of school supplies, a gift certificate to a local restaurant and a credit for service at the dealership.
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