TrekPoints Tournament for Sales Consultants

Train Hard, Win Big
by Sacha Terrill
July/August 2015
TrekPoints Tournament for Sales Consultants
Game Day
From left to right: Brandon Mosley (Product and Sales Engagement manager), Steven Harris (Titus-Will Toyota sales manager), Andrew Wiseman (Beechmont Toyota sales manager), Jim Mooney (Product and Sales Engagement corporate manager) and Steven Huberty (Schaumburg Toyota sales manager) take a break during the TrekPoints Tournament Finals.
The list is long: 21 Toyota models, six Scion models, Entune, Safety Systems, Toyota Care and the competition. Toyota sales consultants and sales managers need to be experts on of all of these subjects, and ready to answer customer questions without hesitation.

How can you learn and retain key information in a short amount of time?

It’s easy now with Axonify—an educational app that combines gaming and learning. Log in for no more than five minutes a day to test your product knowledge and play an optional game. Get immediate feedback, see your overall progress and check your rank among your peers on the leaderboard.

The goals? Retain knowledge, build camaraderie and help consultants feel more prepared to sell Toyota and Scion vehicles with a stellar sales and delivery experience.

“Axonify is a great tool to encourage the sales consultant to keep learning,” says Toyota of Santa Barbara sales consultant Sam Ladd.

“My take on being a sales consultant is you need to have a very good breadth of knowledge about the products. Customers are going to come in the store after studying a car for a year or two, and if you don’t know the product, they will work with someone else.”

The bar was raised in April with the 2015 TrekPoints Tournament. Spanning seven weeks, the contest pit sales consultants, sales managers and regional vehicle product trainers against their peers in their respective leagues. More than 8,000 sales professionals participated in the national contest, testing their product knowledge each day for a chance to compete in a Jeopardy-style semifinals in Southern California and a grand prize trip to Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals.

In May, 34 regional champions across the three leagues were named (based on points earned). The champions spent two days at Toyota headquarters in Torrance, Calif., competing and learning about new Toyota and Scion vehicles.

“The tournament was a great team-building opportunity,” says Steven Harris, Titus-Will Toyota sales manager. “It helped build camaraderie among salespeople, and helped them be better prepared to talk to customers. Nowadays the customers already know the details before walking into the store. We need to be the smartest out there.”

Want to participate? Log in by visiting with your SPIN ID. Your password is the first eight numbers of your SPIN ID. Or get the Axonify app in the App Store or Google Play. The activation code is toyota (case sensitive).
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