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Toyota reimburses buyer of its six millionth certified used vehicle, allowing her to resume her studies
by Dan Miller
Nov/Dec 2019
Back to School
Great Timing
It wasn’t until after Marisol Reyes purchased this 2017 RAV4 that she learned it was the six millionth unit sold under the TCUV program.

Selling six million of anything sounds like a lot. And it is. But when you learn the story about the person who pushed Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) past that major milestone, the true magnitude of that number really comes to life.
The special person in question is Marisol Reyes. She had been a student at Palm Beach State College in Florida, but was forced to put her studies on hold so she could work and help support her family. To get and hold a job, though, she needed a reliable and affordable vehicle.
Enter Palm Beach Toyota and the TCUV program. Between the two, Reyes found exactly what she was looking for: a certified pre-owned 2017 RAV4. As fate would have it, that vehicle turned out to be the six millionth sold by Toyota and its dealers since they launched the TCUV program more than 23 years ago.
To acknowledge the moment, TMNA presented Reyes with a check for $33,432 to fully reimburse her purchase. In addition, Sirius XM has provided Reyes with one year of complimentary streaming service and CARFAX donated a gas gift card valued at $1,000.
But that’s not all. TMNA, Southeast Toyota Distributors and Palm Beach Toyota agreed to donate $5,000 each in her name to her charity of choice: the National Alliance to End Homelessness, a nonpartisan organization committed to preventing and ending homelessness in the United States.
Thanks to all of the above, Reyes is headed back to school. How cool is that?
“I come from a hardworking family and had to leave school to help pay for some of our everyday expenses and bills,” she says. “But this incredible gift from Toyota will allow me to complete my bachelor’s degree sooner than expected. My family has owned several Toyotas in the past, but my new RAV4 is already the best one yet!”

Big Check
TCUV Operations Manager Ron Cooney presents Marisol Reyes with a check reimbursing her for her purchase.

The Undisputed Leader in Certified Sales
Reyes’ choice of TCUV is just one of the many that have made it the highest-volume certified pre-owned program in the auto industry. To help maintain that leadership position, Toyota recently launched significant changes to the TCUV program, including new branding and an enhanced limited powertrain warranty that extends coverage to seven years following the TCUV purchase date or 100,000 total vehicle miles.
“Hitting the six millionth certified used vehicle milestone is a testament to not only the great warranty and coverage we offer, but, more importantly, to our customers who appreciate good value and reliability,” says Ron Cooney, manager of TCUV operations. “We hope Toyota’s enhanced warranty coverage will continue to attract loyal customers like Marisol and her family, who rely on our vehicles for their livelihood.”
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