Beaverton Toyota was the ‘clear’ choice in 2015

by Dan Miller
May/June 2016
Beaverton Toyota was the ‘clear’ choice in 2015
A Shining Example
Dealer Principal Russ Humberston—shown here amid his store’s array of solar panels—is the driving force behind Beaverton Toyota's success.
What set the Oregon dealership apart from its peers? That would be its clear purchase process, which aims for each customer to work with one sales professional to purchase a vehicle at one non-negotiable price in one hour.

To get there, Beaverton Toyota developed a proprietary iPad application that facilitates virtually all of the steps of the transaction. For instance, customers can review and select financing options via the tablet’s touchscreen. And they can sign off on the deal with their finger.

“Our model for this was the Apple store,” says Humberston. “We designed the process around what the customer wants. And, to be honest, this is what our salespeople want, too.”
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