Becoming Highlander Documentary is Live on YouTube!

What happens between a car’s reveal and its on-sale date? Well, now you’ll know when you watch – and share – this documentary.
by Dan Nied and Kristen Orsborn
Summer 2020

Quick recap: Becoming Highlander is a documentary that tells the story of what happens between a vehicle’s reveal and its on-sale date.
We gave team members the first look during a special virtual watch party.
It’s now available to the public. So, if you weren’t able to catch it as it happened, you can today. And you can share it on your social media channels so your friends and family and can watch it too.
Ultimately, Becoming Highlander is about the people who helped launch a vital product for the Toyota brand. So, we want to thank the hundreds of people who had a hand in making this possible.
The link below will take you to a playlist where you can watch Becoming Highlander in two ways -- as the full 43-minute documentary or as seven episodes. Watch however you’d like!
OK, enough talk. Here is Becoming Highlander.
By Dan Nied and Kristen Orsborn
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