Going the Distance

North Carolina man’s Tacoma tops a million miles on the odometer, with no signs of slowing down
by Alexa Conomos
Jan/Feb 2019
Going the Distance
Still Going Strong
Fred Anderson Toyota Senior Salesman Jeff Teague (left) and General Manager Andy Little (right) sold Mike Neal his 2008 Toyota Tacoma a decade ago. The truck now has more than a million miles on the odometer.
Drive down I-95 or along the curves hugging the Appalachians in North Carolina and you just might spot the extraordinary -- a Toyota Tacoma rolling along with amazing grace. It says so on the tailgate:
2008 TACOMA 
At a friend’s urging, proud owner Mike Neal spread the word when his trusty Tacoma clocked a miraculous milestone. Literally. 

Still Going Strong
Fred Anderson Toyota Senior Salesman Jeff Teague (left) and General Manager Andy Little (right) sold Mike Neal his 2008 Toyota Tacoma a decade ago. The truck now has more than a million miles on the odometer.

“I joked to my buddy, what do you want me to do, make a sign?” Mike recalls. “And my friend laughed and said, well...yes!”
For 11 years the independent contractor and his 4-cylinder Access Cab have faithfully trekked across state lines. For Mike, it’s not just any job. It’s a 425-mile, eight-hour per day labor of love.
“The patients are always number one to me,” he says. “That’s all that counts.”
Every week Mike safely transports nuclear medicine used to detect tumors in cancer patients nervously awaiting PET scans.
“We gotta be there on time so the patient doesn’t experience a delay on my part. We can’t let them down,” Mike says.
And he’s always delivered thanks to his Tacoma’s nearly impeccable report card. Assembled in Fremont, California, it has had a few service records for minor recalls. But Mike didn’t need to replace the original engine until 880,000 miles or the spark plugs until 704,000 miles. The original transmission remains untouched.

Pushed to the Limit
Neal was excited to see what would happen to the odometer when he drove his millionth mile. But it’s been stuck on “999999” ever since. There’s simply no room for more numbers.

The general manager of Fred Anderson Toyota in Raleigh says he’s never seen anything like it in his 18 years in the automotive industry.
Mike now fondly remembers the day he made that leap of faith. He met with senior salesman Jeff Teague on November 8, 2007 to trade in his ‘04 Scion xB for his first new Toyota.
“I’d just gotten laid off. I was about to start my new job, so I’m sitting with the finance guys thinking I’m gonna pay on this truck for seven years and by that time it probably won’t even be running.”
It’s been paid off since 2014 and boasts quite a fan following. Just ask Teague. He documents Mike’s mileage marathon on YouTube for eager followers.
“Mike’s fans are always clamoring to know what the mileage is at now,” he laughs.
And wherever Mike travels, folks snap pics of his million-mile marvel and invariably ask about one pivotal moment.
“They wanna know what I did when my Tacoma hit 999,999 miles. I couldn’t wait for it to strike a million. I had my camera out and everything. And then a few minutes later...nothing. There wasn’t enough room for that many numbers!”
Mike now tracks his miles on the tripometer. When it clocks yet another 10,000 miles with each passing month, he records it in his trusty notebook. Those pages are getting full.
Mike has no immediate plans to trade in his Tacoma. But if the time comes, you can bet engineers would love to get their hands under the hood for future product development. But General Manager Andy Little has another idea.
“We could put it in our showroom to let people see what a million-mile plus Toyota looks like,” says Little with a grin.  “You really can’t have a better marketing tool than that!”
As for Mike, when the day comes to retire his trusted truck, it’s a no-brainer. “The Tacoma has never let me down. I can’t see myself driving anything else.”
Fans ask Mike if his now legendary joyride sports a name. The answer is a resounding no. He simply refers to his old friend as his God blessed truck.  As Mike likes to say, “Toyota made it. God blessed it.”
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