Hand Crafted

Highly skilled workers assemble each Mirai in plant where Lexus LFA was built
by Dan Miller
July/August 2015
Hand Crafted
The Mirai is unlike any previous Toyota vehicle. That’s due in large part to the way it’s powered. But the way it’s made also sets it apart.

All of the units are assembled at Toyota’s Motomachi Plant, formerly the facility where the Lexus LFA supercar came to life. The line is divided into three main sections: trim, chassis/fuel cell assembly and final assembly—with sub-assembly areas for parts installation. Each work area is staffed by highly skilled craftspeople who manage every step in the assembly process as if the Mirai were a custom-built vehicle.

This attention to detail extends to the final inspection and quality control. Toyota specialists use both visual and tactile inspection to ensure each vehicle is defect-free before it leaves the factory.

To see for yourself, search for these video clips on the Toyota Newsroom at toyotanewsroom.com:
  • Making the Mirai: Plant Interior and Parts Selection
  • Making the Mirai: Vehicle Trim
  • Making the Mirai: Chassis and Fuel Cell System Assembly
  • Making the Mirai: Final Assembly
  • Making the Mirai: Quality Control and Inspection
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