Happy Trails

Dealer finds sales success off the beaten path
by Kristen Orsborn
May/June 2019
Happy Trails
Power in Numbers
Koch 33 Toyota sales consultant Nick Fisher didn’t know what kind of turnout to expect while organizing the T4R Experience PA off-road and camp event. More than 80 customers signed up, and Fisher said the response was overwhelmingly positive.
Nick Fisher, used car manager at Koch 33 Toyota in Easton, Pennsylvania, is always looking for innovative ways to sell vehicles. And, honestly, an excuse to get outside.

Last fall, he found it — dozens of miles away from the Koch 33 showroom.

He partnered with the group behind the popular Team 4Runner Instagram account – dedicated to the aftermarket 4Runner community and lifestyle – and Off Road Consulting, a professional off-road events team, to host the T4R Experience PA camp event.

“There are so many Toyota super fans on social media,” Fisher says. “And they’re incredibly brand loyal. I wanted to find a way to leverage that into sales.”

For Fisher, an off-road trail and camp event was a no-brainer.

“Our location in Pennsylvania gives customers an opportunity to truly explore their surroundings, given our proximity to the beautiful outdoors,” Fisher says. “A model like 4Runner is built to expand your reach and unlock a world you never knew existed. So, it made perfect sense to create that kind of experience for our customers.”

The event was open to all Koch 33 customers, free of charge, with the intention of inspiring adventure and community among current and potential Toyota enthusiasts. More than 80 people signed up.

The T4R Experience PA event was held on a massive tract of land spanning 20,000 acres and 650 miles of mapped trails. The landowner offered the property free of charge in exchange for a commitment to clean up the trails.

“That spirit of giving back and leaving things better than you found them is really at the heart and soul of the off-road community,” Fisher says. “Each and every attendee was happy to oblige. Each vehicle had full trash bags, pickup beds and rooftop racks loaded to the max.”

Attendees met in a nearby Walmart parking lot, which may seem unusual. But in fact, that’s where the trailhead is located. And for Fisher, it was actually a selling point.

“This is where the appeal of owning a Toyota 4x4 comes to light,” Fisher says. “You can literally go from everyday life to the true, great outdoors in a quick shift to 4x4. It’s an opportunity to get the family out, drop the cell phones and explore.”

Fisher considers the event a total success, and says the dealership saw an immediate return on investment. He plans to host another trail ride sometime soon.

“Honestly, we saw immediate results. We sold a 4Runner to an attendee just two days later,” he says. “It’s hard to argue with results like that. But bottom line, this is about creating bonds with our customers. We aren’t just selling cars. We’re selling a lifestyle.”
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