If You’re Going to San Francisco

by Dan Nied
Sept/Oct 2018
In a world moving toward SUVs and trucks, with nary a thought of gas-mileage, San Francisco Toyota is different.
The dealership, helmed by Dealer Principal Doug Donnellan, may be more defined by its hybrid sales than any other dealership in the country.
Donnellan runs two dealerships surrounded city life, with its dearth of parking spots and eye-opening gas prices. So it makes sense that, to San Francisco, Toyota, the Prius is just as hot as a RAV4.
Key to their success is their relationship with the San Francisco Region, stretching from Fresno all the way to the Oregon border. And General Manager Shawn Domeracki admits that his dealers are playing on a different field than everyone else.
How does that work? Well, we went to San Francisco Toyota to talk to Donnellan and Domeracki. Take a look below.
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