Mobility Means More

Toyota Robots Poised to Revolutionize Home Health Care
by Mark Wasserman
July/August 2016
Mobility Means More
It’s no secret that people are living longer thanks to advances in medical technology. And that means there will be a bigger demand for long-term care workers.

Toyota addresses this issue by teaming up with a number of research institutes to develop a Human Support Robot (HSR) designed to assist independent home living for the elderly and disabled. With its highly maneuverable, compact and lightweight cylindrical body, HSR is capable of retrieving objects from shelves, picking up objects off the floor and performing a variety of other tasks.

Of course artificial intelligence is no substitute for good old TLC. That’s why the robot can be operated remotely by family and friends, with their face and voice relayed in real time.

Toyota is planning to loan HSRs to partner organizations—primarily universities, research facilities and businesses—who will then share their software development progress and newly gained knowhow with the HSR developers.


Care When You’re Not There
Imagine a robot who can retrieve medication and have a conversation with an ailing or elderly loved one. Photos credit: Sean Fowler

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