Scion 2.0

After a meteoric rise, Toyota’s youth-oriented brand is poised to soar again
by Dan Miller
May/June 2015
Scion 2.0
What does the future hold for Scion?

When the bold brand burst on the scene 12 years ago, it targeted 18- to 35-year-old customers who would otherwise not consider a Toyota. And it worked, perhaps better than anyone could have imagined. Sales climbed steadily in its first five years to a high of 173,034 units in 2006.

Then the Great Recession rained on everyone’s parade, perhaps disproportionately on Scion’s. And the tsunami in Japan in 2011 added to the woes. Product development resources, suddenly in short supply, were diverted away from Scion and toward higher-volume Toyota models. Predictably, the new kid on the block took a hit, with sales sinking each of the next five years to a low of 45,678—rallying briefly with the introduction of the FR-S in 2012.

Now, it appears Scion is poised for a comeback. Two new products—the iA and the iM—will arrive in dealerships this fall. Pure Process+, which takes Scion’s Pure Price philosophy to the next level, is in extensive pilot testing. Scion Ambassadors, champions of the brand at Scion dealerships, are shifting into high gear. Details about all of these new developments can be found below.

Amid these changes, Scion’s four fundamental objectives remain firmly in place:
  1. To offer a lineup of distinctive products
  2. To enable those products to be purchased in new ways
  3. To welcome younger customers to the Toyota family
  4. To serve as a laboratory for experimentation

All of the above has Group Vice President Doug Murtha decidedly upbeat.

“We have a sales plan that will put us back over 100,000 units within the current planning cycle,” he says.

Clearly, the dark days of recession and tsunami are in the past. And Scion’s future? Never brighter!
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