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Evans Toyota’s multi-point inspection videos connect with customers
by Kelsey Soule
July/August 2017
Star of the Show
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Evans Toyota technicians are using iPhones to shoot a multi-point inspection video for customers.
Technicians at Evans Toyota in Fort Wayne, Indiana, are determined to take the relationship with their service customers to the next level. When a vehicle is serviced, technicians use an iPhone to create a detailed video explaining the maintenance performed.
This multi-point inspection (MPI) video provides an introduction that explains the customer’s vehicle condition, including current status of the brakes, tires, lights, fluid and more.
“After they have performed the service, each technician uses this method to take their customers step-by-step through the completed work, and give them a visual representation of where each piece is located on the car,” says Service Manager Lenny Martin.
The technician posts the video to a protected site, and texts a link to the customer for review.
“This process gives the customer peace of mind that their vehicle has been fully serviced, and provides the technician with the opportunity to explain their process,” Martin says. “So when they see the services listed on their receipt, they have a visual representation of what each item means.”
Evans Toyota has found that the service builds trust between customers and the dealership, and provides a direct line of communication between the technician and the customer.
To see an MPI video example click here.
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