That Guy on YouTube! - That would be Jeff Teague, whose videos have customers ROFLing and running to the dealership

by Dan Nied
Nov/Dec 2014
That Guy on YouTube! - That would be Jeff Teague, whose videos have customers ROFLing and running to the dealership
Nice to See You – Teague’s YouTube videos help put customers at ease, whether they’re buying their first new car or returning for an upgrade.

Sing it Sister! – Teague’s Test Drive Karaoke videos are among his most popular. Here, Erika Ziegler, a Business Development Center representative at Fred Anderson Toyota, rocks out with Teague.

Jeff Teague’s YouTube videos are a hit with customers.

But he’s had trouble winning over his toughest critics: his 17-year old son, Zach and his 14-year old daughter, Abby.

“They don’t think my videos are quite as interesting as I do,” Teague says.
So the sales consultant for Fred Anderson Toyota in Raleigh, N.C., got quite a confidence boost after Abby’s review of his recent “Test Drive Karaoke” video.

“She said that one was funny,”
Teague says. “I knew I had a hit video when she said that.”

Teague thinks of his YouTube channel as a customer retention tool that connects with customers and keeps them coming back. Luckily for Teague, most teenagers don’t buy cars. However, the videos are helping him make inroads with those who may become buyers in the future.

“I’m trying to appeal partly to a market that doesn’t really buy cars right now, but they might be looking at a car in the next few years,” he says. “Really, I want their moms and dads and grandmas to follow me.”

So it may seem silly that Teague’s videos include an impromptu game show against a cardboard cutout of Michael Anderson, the store’s president. And some might think the parodies of “The Bachelor” seem frivolous, or that customers belting out popular songs over the radio while test driving a Camry have little to do with sales.

But Teague sees those videos as a way to build positive relationships before even meeting.

“People are hunting not just for the car they want, but also for someone they can trust,” Teague says. “Everyone has a story about a bad car salesman. I want to switch that. I want people to talk about a great experience. I want them to watch these YouTube videos and see someone they want to work with. Plus, the videos are something they might want to share with their families and friends.”

Customers have responded. Teague tells of a college student who “liked” his Facebook page, subscribed to his YouTube channel and shared a Test Drive Karaoke video. By the time they actually met at the dealership, they already had a relationship.

“She felt comfortable with me and it was an easy purchase,” he says.

Retention has increased, too. A former customer used social media to contact Teague after seeing one of his videos. He shared photos of the Tacoma he purchased in 2007, and let Teague know he’d be back for a new one soon.

Another of Teague’s customers, who happens to be a Facebook friend, has bought five cars from him.
The videos are aimed at boosting sales, of course. But that doesn’t mean Teague can’t have fun along the way. He’s affable with a sharp sense of humor and an everyman demeanor. And most importantly, he loves making people happy.

“I do what I love to do,” Teague says. “I want to see how many people I can reach through these videos.”

If you’d like to check out Jeff on YouTube, just go to If you’d like to follow him on facebook, check out

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