The Long Awaited, Highly Anticipated Brand New 2016 Prius

Fourth-Generation Prius Dazzles at Las Vegas Reveal
by Dan Nied
Sept/Oct 2015
The Long Awaited, Highly Anticipated Brand New 2016 Prius
Take the sensibility of the Prius' first 15 years, add the new and improved exterior, impressive interior and a whole lot of safety and fuel technology and what do you get? A car that's ready to change the world—again.

In its first three generations, the Prius has established itself as a symbol of a better earth and a better way to get around.

But after Toyota revealed the fourth-generation Prius in Las Vegas on Sept. 8, the Prius became something else.

It became a statement.       

As the brand new, redesigned Prius rose some 60 feet into a late summer Las Vegas sky, it shouted to the world that both sleek style and gas-sipping fuel efficiency  can come together to create an impressively attractive package.

In front of about 350 journalists and social media influencers, the 2016 Prius took both the look and gas mileage of its forefathers to a whole new level.

“Prius set the global benchmark for hybrids, but now is breaking its own boundaries with more engaging style and fun-to-drive dynamics,” said Toyota Division General Manager Bill Fay. “This Prius will invite new drivers into the category by delivering an impressive look and feel, built on the foundation of safety and eco-consciousness that defines the vehicle’s heritage.”

In other words, it’s time to change the world once again. But this time, with a little more style and a lot more technology.

A Model of Efficiency
Today’s consumers expect environmental credentials, and the new Prius delivers. Smaller, lighter hybrid system components, higher-energy density batteries and an internal combustion engine touting ground-breaking thermal efficiency (more than 40 percent) contribute to a significant advancement in fuel economy. With an expected 10 percent improvement in EPA estimated mpg on core models, Prius will offer best-in-class fuel economy among vehicles without a plug.

Perhaps the most significant feature of the 2016 Prius—at least as far as Toyota manufacturing is concerned—is that this is the first global vehicle to use Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA).
Prius is used to setting the standard, so why should manufacturing be any different?

TNGA will allow Toyota to build more cars on common platforms, and use shared parts intelligently to maximize Toyota’s supply chain.

And the new Prius is going to get that whole thing started in a big way.

That Prius Look
But there’s so much more to love.

For one, the exterior is longer, sleeker and more athletic. The hood swoops down like a super hero plunging through the air to rescue a noble citizen in danger. Bold character lines grace the side, starting from the front fenders.

Compared to the third generation, the Prius’ dimensions are 2.4 inches longer, 0.6 inches wider and 0.8 inches lower. Drivers will experience a low center of gravity and a more responsive suspension package. The result is enhanced control on the road and even more room.

The new headlights create a sassy personality for the car while the rear lights express the distinctive lines of the Prius from the rear spoiler to the trailing edges of the sides.

Safety Sense
Prius is among Toyota’s first U.S. models to offer Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), a new multi-feature advanced safety package designed to help keep Toyota drivers safe for years to come.

The TSS package on the 2016 Prius includes:
• Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist
• Automatic High Beams
• Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection function
• Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

The iconic Prius is back and better than ever. It incorporates the best in new technology, greater fuel efficiency and revolutionary manufacturing.

Yes, over the course of its 15 years, Prius has stood out as a symbol. But when it goes on sale in early 2016, it will truly become a statement.
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