TMMI Plants a Forest, Wildlife Find a Home

Mar/Apr 2015
TMMI Plants a Forest, Wildlife Find a Home
Trees and Children

A group of children from the Toyota Children’s Center helped TMMI mark its 100,000 tree planting. And that number is growing. TMMI has planted 130,900 trees so far.
Sure, combining solar power and Camry Hybrid batteries are great ideas to help the environment.

But the old-fashioned ways work, too. You can take a page from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana and plant a tree. Or 130,900 of them.

Over the last six years on its 1,160-acre site, TMMI has planted more than 25 trees for each of the plant’s 4,700 team members

As a result, TMMI is home to more than just the Sequoia, Sienna and Highlander. Their forest has become a wildlife habitat with red-tailed hawks, white-tailed deer and bobcats with no special color tail.

“It’s amazing to think we could be the reason hawks and bobcats call more of Indiana home,” says Norm Bafunno, TMMI president.

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