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Social Media Best Practices
by Karen Nielsen
Jan/Feb 2018
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“We do a lot of walkaround videos with our salespeople because it helps give customers new and fresh ways to view content and learn about the vehicles. It makes them feel more empowered about making well-informed decisions.
We also do “rare find” posts for our used-car inventory — sometimes we have really cool souped-up cars and we’ve been posting those. They gain lots of traction and keep interest high.”
Sam Elbaz
Social Media Coordinator 
Toyota Carlsbad, California
“A successful salesperson adapts to the digital world, which can help them get in front of hundreds of new prospects on a daily basis.
The biggest thing about Facebook is that it offers instant gratification. You have to be careful you don’t sell or promote yourself too much. People are looking for information online and you have to give it to them. They come, they look, they learn. You build trust with comments and reviews, and it’s how you respond that determines if the trust factor continues or it’s destroyed.”
Randy Dennison
Digital Marketing Director
Maplewood Toyota, Minnesota
“I like that Toyota has a YouTube channel, and I can post their instructional or product videos on our Facebook page. It provides a lot of nice content. I also share Automotive News and other technology and auto stories of interest.
I post about five times a week. You don’t want to overdo it. Content doesn’t always have to be automotive-related, but you definitely want to be nonpolitical.”
Jimmy Berg
Sunrise Toyota, Long Island, New York
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