Used Camry Hybrid Batteries Illuminate Yellowstone

by Dan Nied
Mar/Apr 2015
Used Camry Hybrid Batteries Illuminate Yellowstone
Solar Shine

The Camry Hybrid batteries are powered by 176 solar panels.
Used Camry Hybrid batteries aren’t just sitting around taking up space on the earth somewhere.

Instead, they’ll help illuminate the earth somewhere.

Battery Packers -- Used Camry Hybrid batteries are illuminating Yellowstone.

And that somewhere is at Yellowstone National Park. More than 200 recycled Camry Hybrid nickel-battery packs will soon use solar power to bring reliable, sustainable, zero-emission power to the ranger station and education center at the Lone Buffalo Ranch Field campus.

The project is a partnership between Toyota, Sharp USA, SolarWorld, Patriot Solar, the National Park Service and Yellowstone Park Foundation.

In fact, 176 solar panels will generate the renewable electricity stored in the batteries. The output will be enough to power six average U.S. households for a year, which is more than enough to power the ranch’s five buildings.

It’s the first system of its kind to use recovered hybrid vehicle batteries for commercial energy storage. But it’s just the latest way Toyota is improving the world one innovation at a time.

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