Toyota Super Fans: GR Supra Edition

There are fans, and then there are super fans. Meet two of the most devout Supra enthusiasts we could find
by Kristen Orsborn
Today, we’re launching a new video series: Toyota Super Fans. We’ll be highlighting the kinds of customers who take brand loyalty to the next level – customers like Ammar Hussain and Zain Rizvi.

As kids growing up in Texas, they bonded over their mutual fascination with the Supra. Between basketball games and homework, they’d log onto their dial-up internet to watch Supra videos online.

“This was before YouTube,” Rizvi says. “We had to work to find those!”

Hussain’s obsession become something of a family hobby. They’ve bought and refurbished more than a dozen vintage Supras over the years.

Naturally, the two have been eagerly anticipating the all-new GR Supra for a long time. When they got a sneak peek behind the wheel earlier this summer, we tagged along.

Was it worth the wait? Watch and see.

By Kristen Orsborn
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